Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 SDCC Trip

On my flight to San Diego for Comic-Con International. This will be my third year attending. This year I did not buy any passes. I am going as a volunteer only. I hope I get some good gigs this year. My favorite task last year was outside Ballroom 20 line control. Holding the sign and getting to stop people was pretty cool.

I think I would have had more fun doing the end of line at Bluefin if I had started a train. I did not learn about the train circle until later though. The Hasbro booth was fun because we had a little train circle going. Since the booth can only process so many transactions, there are limits to the line. The line can not grow too big otherwise it blocks other booths and fire lanes. So if the line moves faster than the tickets that are given out, more people can get into the sales line during a session. People are not allowed to stand around. So for those who were waiting for space to open in the sales line, a moving group of people was started. There was just a circle going around outside the actual line area. The Hasbro booth security guy would go chug-a-chug-chug-a and the line would respond with a train whistle, “WHOO, WHOO”.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NFL Playoff Tickets

Sunday January 19, 2014

3:30 PM on FOX

CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington


San Francisco  49ers                         Seattle Seahawks             

(14-4)                                                 (14-3)


This came up this week because the San Francisco 49er’s are playing the Seattle Seahawks in the National Football Conference Championship.

There was a lot of bad press about the way that the tickets went on sale to the public. Since the game is in Seattle, I guess the Seahawks did not let tickets be sold to people in California. That is what I heard on the news. I would think that the National Football League would have rules in place for playoff ticket sales.

The fair way that I came up with to sell tickets to playoff games is that the tickets would go on sale the day after the game that determines the home team. There would be three days worth of ticket sales. The first day sales would be for the home teams season ticket holders up to 60% of the capacity of the stadium. The second day sales would be for the visiting team season ticket holders, up to 40% of the remaining capacity. The third day of sales would be the remainder of the tickets that did not sell on the previous days. This would be on sale to the general public.

Now the above percentages can be different to allow more of a mix of people. Maybe a 70 to 30 or 50/50 ratio would be better. I would think it would depend on where the game is being played and how many season ticket holders each team has at the time of the ticket sales. Say a team that has 100% season ticket holders, a 60% capacity may not be the right percentage.

With the current state of computer technology this should be an easy way to implement a fairness policy for everyone. I think that this would reduce the secondary market for tickets and scalping tickets for these type of games.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rose City Comic-Con 2013

I saw that the people that run Emerald City Comic-Con were going to be running a Comic-Con in Portland. I thought it would be fun to volunteer at another convention and get me out of town for a couple days.

At the last minute I posted that I could take someone with me in my truck. Someone from the message boards did respond. So I was able to pick up someone on my way down to Portland. Being that the person was in Kent, I was able to pick up some Jamba Juice and oatmeal on my way.



The way back from Portland to Seattle was fraught with rain and a tired driver. Some adrenaline from bad weather kept me going for a ways but then I had to pull off the road for some sleep. It took longer to get home than I was hoping but I still made it to work the next day

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Valentine’s Day Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

Second time I have run this race. I was tempted not to run this race because I was not feeling very well. Once I got warmed up, I started to feel better. I did not run the whole race. I did run the first 2 miles though. This was not my best time since I started doing 5Ks but still pretty good since I have not been training.

Jason Lee Bowen

bib number: 1641

age: 36

gender: M

location: Seattle, WA

overall place: 2057 out of 2360

division place: 222 out of 236

gender place: 694 out of 754

time: 46:32

pace: 15:01

gun time: 49:28

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Atheist Sign


This is supposed to be on a bus. I find it funny that the Atheist gets tampered with but the Mormon signs are left alone. Does this tell you that religious people are not very tolerant individuals or is that just what I pick up?

For a long time I would say I was Atheist because of the reasons that people turn to a higher power – Alcoholics Anonymous, personal irresponsibility, and other reasons. Then I realized that I was Agnostic not because I want to believe in the Jew Christian God but because I like comic books and want to believe in the Greek and Norse Gods. Thor, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Athena, and other gods from those Pantheons. I have liked Greek mythologies since I was a little and that made me realize that to believe in the possibility of those Gods, I would have to be Agnostic not Atheist.

Recently, I have learned of another movement as well, Skeptics. I have not done any research into Skepticism so I really do not know how that would fit in my beliefs. To my quick thoughts on the matter, I would believe that Skepticism is the movement for science to replace belief. That is probably not accurate but that is my quick thought on the matter.

The other reason that I find myself more drawn to Agnostic beliefs is the fact that I want to believe in Santa Clause and Satan. Santa brings presents. Goodwill and peace to man. I think Santa is an excellent reason to have a winter holiday.

Satan was kicked out of heaven for wanting equal treatment as humans. Angels were to be subservient to humans and Satan/Lucifer did not like that. He felt that humans and angels should be treated equally. To me that makes Lucifer/Satan the first person to fight for Equal rights. At least that is the perception on events as they were presented to me a long time ago.

Usually I keep these thoughts in my head but seeing this sign torn off a bus and put next to the trash cans, just got to me this evening.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Glass Canopy

On my way to work on Saturday, I was quite surprised at this change I saw at the bus stop under the Monorail the other day.

100_6817This is the old canopy that came out from the building. This went all the way to the corner of the building. The section was taken out along 5th Avenue.

 100_6819Here is the gap where the glass canopy used to be.

100_6818Here is the new ledge/overhang that was installed to replace the glass canopy. Not quite as nice looking as the glass. Probably a lot easier to maintain. Crews were always scrubbing the glass panels.

You can tell by looking at the pictures of the remaining glass panels that the panels are not very clean. I use this bus stop fairly frequently. I am surprised that I did not notice any work on the building. To have that much work go unnoticed is startling.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of an Alcohol Streak

I did not realize it but Friday October 21, 2011 ended my streak of alcohol every day. At times I did not have more than a shot of Vodka but I had at least a shot of vodka every day since July 1, 2011. At least one beer or one shot of vodka was the goal every day. I had to break into my giant bottle of Grey Goose Vodka when my money got tight in September.

Thursday night I went straight to Summit Pub after work. I finished the book I was reading and went home. I fell asleep before midnight and just never got moving on Friday. By the time I realized it was midnight leading into Saturday, my streak was over.

I did end up having a shot around 01:30 Saturday. The shot did not help me sleep any but I restarted my drink a day plan.

Month Days
July 31
August 31
September 30
October 20
Total 112

Midnight to Midnight

Friday passed by

Give me Back My ALCOHOL!