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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Food Coloring, Not just for Easter

I have been making more food at home lately. I have a bunch of food coloring bottles. I have been putting random food colors in all kinds of things. The colors do not come out well in the photos so I put some descriptive words around the pictures. What is nice about the food coloring is that it really does not change the taste of the food.

Rice WP_003332 yellow food coloring

Cookies WP_003330 red with green M&M’s

Muffins WP_003328 red

Tuna Mac and Cheese aka “Brains”WP_003317 green

Cream Cheese Frosting WP_003210 blue

A Giant Cookie WP_003314 orange

Adding the food colors to random food has made cooking a little more fun. You should try using food colors throughout the year.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Homemade Cheesecake

I have been feeling adventurous with baking lately. Even though I did not like how the wedding cake came out, I still am enjoying baking. I am trying to clean out my baking supplies. Though I guess I should not have bought more chocolate chips. I have a bunch of cream cheese I am trying to use up. I bought some graham crackers and made my own crumbs. I crumbled too many so I made two cakes. In the round one I added some fresh squeezed lemon juice.



I ate this square one last night. It was pretty good. A little over cooked perhaps.


This one I added lemon juice. The lemon was not noticeable in the final product. The taste was not as dry as the square one. Taste was about the same. I meant to add strawberry jam to the top of one of the cakes. I forgot about the jam though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No G.I. Joe at Hasbro Toy Shop

Response By Email (Mike) (10/14/2014 10:26 AM)

Hi Jason Lee,

Thank you for contacting Hasbro regarding G.I. Joe.

I'm pleased to reply.  G.I. Joe products are now carried exclusively by Toys R Us stores. You can view many of our current G.I. Joe products at

Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 

I hope you have a fun day!

Kind regards,

Customer By CSS Email (Customer Support) (10/10/2014 01:55 PM)

An email response I received when I asked why G.I. Joe Toys are not listed on the web site. While I like Toys R Us, they do not always have the best prices. It seems weird to me that the manufacturer is not selling product directly. But then again, that is a way to keep your supply chain happy. What do you make of this tidbit of information?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making my Brother’s Wedding Cake

Back in January my older brother Mark asked me to make a Wedding cake. I said Yes. How could I say no? I felt privileged to be asked.

V__CE01This was the cake I put out on the table for the new couple to cut. The signs were made by one of the bridesmaids. The signs are the best looking part of the cake. I do think I added one or two mini Daleks and TARDISes to the outside of the cake after this picture was taken. Below are very random photos I took during the week and months leading up to the wedding. I did try to do some test bakes but never really felt comfortable doing one.

There are very many funny stories about the Friday night cake situation. One of these days I may get around to telling the stories.